Why Easy Generic?


If you are thinking to investing into this business the keep in mind that this business represents a basic need of humanity. Worldwide expense related to health products are increasing every year. in nearly all countries. so this business is less responsive to student market changes as it represents a daily need of individuals.

Medicine is very basic need of human in today life worldwide.Upgrading the all expensive related to basic needs of humanity is a major factor of every human in this world. So in the both good citizen as providing generic medicines is SWAST GENERIC MEDICINES.A true helping hands to people and a smart investor inn eld of daily need of humanity with a 100% increasing rate towards growth for sure.

Generic jeevandhara creating a platform 1 is as franchises 2 is as share holder for Generic Jeevandhara under Generic medicine. Both are a traditional way to become smart Businessman.

If you had or can space for Generic store in your locality or want to start a medical store then generic jeevandhara is the right Option to build indias upcomeing Brand We will provide a whole setup and training to your store


1. Now you can be a part of jeevandhara, without investing into a medicals store, you can invest and becomes a shareholders of generic jeevandhara

2. It's huge demanding as well we providing total MII (MADE IN INDIA) Medicine (pharmaceutical drug that have exactly same dosages, intended use, effects, quality, and performance)

3. We have 365 Days (1 Years) locking period and minimum value of INR 5000/- shares (1 Share INR 100+500 QTY