Note:- Application should be send in the prescribed format along with required documents to below mentioned address in a closed envelope / cover clearly super scribed as Application for the new Easy Generic Medical store

a) Application will enter into agreement before commencing operations of generic Jeevandhara Medical Store. All oprations of generic jeevandhara Medical Store will be Conducted as per terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement with the franchisee.

b) is shall be responsibility of the applicant to obtain drug license in the name of genric jeevandhara medical store and other permissions to run a drug store. Compliances to all statutory requirements for storage of drugs shall be ensured by the applicant.

c) Application will use the premises solely for the purpose for which it has been allotted and for no other purpose sub-let the premises or its partto anyone direct or indirectly

d) All billings should be done by using softeware provided by generic jeevandhara medicare no medicine can be sold in genric jeevandhara medical store without using the software provided by genric jeevandhara medicare

f) Credit period of 21 days may be given for 6 moths from date of receipt of medicines by Generic jeevandhara Medical Store. The detailes terms and condtions are gien in draft agreement attached and may be referred by aoolication

g) The layout of the Furniture is provided by the Generic Jeevandhara Medicare Pvt.Ltd. and after the completion of layout furniture it is handed over to the frenchise.

h) The Employee of the Franchise should be in the uniforms as directed by Genric jeevandhara Medicare Pvt.Ltd. Generic jeevandhara Medicare Pvt.Ltd. Directe in writing / or in any other way to all its franchisee in case of any change in the uniform.

i) The Generic Jeevandhara Medicare Pvt.Ltd.directed to all its Franchise about day to day cleanlines of the medicals store. the genric jeevandhara medicare Pvt.Ltd. Will take serious action including cancaltion of fanchisee agreement if found any complaint regarding cleanliness of medical store.

j) The Genric jeevandhara Medicare Pvt.Ltd will Provide Price List For Each Genric Medicine By Way OF E-Mail, Latters, or in any othe suitable ode of communication. The Franchise should not in nsny case sale genric medicine beyond the rates xed by the genric jeevandhara medicare Pvt.Ltd. and in case of default by franchise genric jeeandhara medicare will take Disciplinary action against him.

k) the generic jeevandhara medicare Pvt.Ltd advised to all its franchise to open their medical store 24/7 (Twenty four hour and seven day)

How much cost involved setting up Generic Medicare Store?

Finding Eligible Person
Analysis & meeting
Training and Paperwork
Execution with supervision
Stock & Shop Opening
Interior & Softwares

Total cost for starting up franchisee is approximately Rs. 6 to 7 Lakhs rupees. The bifurcation is as follows

Franchisee fees software Furniture, racks, computers, printing, etc. Welcome stock Shop opening expenses

Why to become partner with GENERIC MEDICINE PVT.LTD?

  • We have an experience of owned stores operating successfully.
  • We have the widest range of 600 plus generic medicines
  • Catch and easy to remember. "EASY GENERIC MEDICINE STORE"
  • Carefully selected mediines through well trained pharmacy assistants
  • As per WHO(WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION) report by 2020in india 85% market in pharma will be coverd by
  • The right to use the SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA GENERIC MEDICINE STORE Genericart trademark and logo.
  • Site market study conducted on site by our business development team. This servers to evaluate the sale potential of your proposal location
  • Architectural/store design and construction assistance Pre--opening and start up assistance.
  • HR support in the assistance in the recruitment of store ersonal note that all your personal will undergo our screening evalution and training
  • Screening of all personnel whom you consider for hiring
  • Classroom and store-based training of your store personnel on pharmacy retailing and management, computerized
  • Operations and customers servies
  • Ongoing business consulting and guidance
  • Refresher training on new products and services
  • National and local marketing support(Radiio,TV,,etc.)
  • Easy stock replenishment and direct delivery to your outlet Update on new products
  • Help in movement on non movable products
  • Helping in increasing the sales for yours store and maximise the profits
  • Continuing guidance and education on generic drugs and other related developments
  • Easy and worry-free purchasing of items to be replenished from our commissary with twice a week delivery
  • Regular enhancement of your point of sale system to provide more efcient service and manage the store better
  • Compliance visits to monitor the performance of your store and give you feedback on areas for improvement
  • Open communication through email, phone and regular meeting
  • The use of Retail expart, our proprietary pos system, regularly improved with new modules and features
  • Regular monitoring of your utlet with IT support
  • Launching new products in Genric from brand